dōTERRA Wholesale Membership

doTERRA Wholesale Membership

PROMOTION: Get a free dōTERRA membership this month with any purchase. Save $42 today and start shopping 25% off year-round.


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How to setup a dōTERRA membership:

  1. Click "Join & Shop Wholesale"
  2. Pick any starter kit or individual products of your choice
  3. Enter your shipping and account info
  4. Checkout (Membership will be FREE)


doTERRA Membership

doTERRA Membership Benefits

  • Shop 25% off year round
  • No monthly obligations
  • Exclusive member-only promotions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Also, as a member you can earn an additional 10-30% back on all your shopping by joining the monthly Loyalty Rewards Program.


Are there requirements or obligations?
No. There are no minimum purchases, no monthly obligations and no selling required. Just shop and save any time.

Is there an enrollment fee?
No. The $42 doTERRA wholesale membership fee is waived when you enroll this month through the link above. Purchase any products or starter kit you wish with your first order.

When does my membership expire?
Your doTERRA Wholesale Membership lasts for one year from the date you enrolled. It does not automatically renew. You may renew if you wish. Renewal is $25 for another year. Each renewal comes with a free 15 mL peppermint essential oil.

What's PV?
PV stands for Product Value. Each products has a CAD value and a PV value. Pay attention to the PV total to qualify for promotional offers.

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