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dōTERRA Shinrin-Yoku Blend

dōTERRA Shinrin-Yoku Blend

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Retreat to the inner sanctum of the trees to help nurture the mind, body and soul.


Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is the mindful practice of absorbing the calming atmosphere of natural places like the forest. Connecting to nature for relaxation is not new, but the practice of shinrin-yoku originated and was named in Japan in the early 1980s as a process for disconnecting from technology to relax and unwind. Decades of research and recent studies indicate that being immersed in a forest with mindful intention likely has enormous health and wellbeing benefits.

The contemplative practice of forest bathing is the inspiration for this transformative essential oil blend. The Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing Blend is formulated with CPTG® essential oils rich in terpenes associated with forest bathing and clinical research indicates diffusing terpenes-rich essential oils promotes a calming environment when slowing down, focusing, and centering. Terpenes are part of a class of important compounds called phytoncides that serve as part of the tree’s defense system. These phytoncides include limonene, α-pinene, and β-pinene, often found in oils known for their comforting, grounding aromas.

Primary Benefits

  • Contains essential oils rich in terpenes and phytoncides associated with the positive effects of a walk in nature
  • Creates a calming, grounding environment with a refreshing, inspiring aroma
  • Creates a calming, grounding environment with a refreshing and inspiring aroma
  • Contributes to an energizing, rejuvenating experience when combined with the creation of a green space in the home
  • Inspired by the health-promoting practice of forest bathing


  • Diffuse to create clear and fresh surroundings
  • Breathe in when meditating or journaling
  • Apply to skin with carrier oil for a personal aroma

Directions for Use

Aromatic: Use 3-4 drops in diffuser of choice
Topical: Apply 1-2 drops to desired area. Recommended to dilute one drop in 10 drops of carrier oil.

Aromatic Description

Calming, floral, earthy


Lemon, Magnolia, Patchouli, Cardamom, Siberian Fir, Hinoki, Cypress, Lavandin, Pink Grapefruit, Geranium & Petitgrain essential oils.

Shinrin-Yoku Training Course

Take the Shinrin-Yoku training course for free and learn about the art of Forest Bathing and how to practice it.

Shinrin-Yoku Training Course


Shinrin-Yoku eBook

Download the Shinrin-Yoku eBook. Learn about the history and uses of Forest Bathing.

doTERRA Shinrin-Yoku eBook


Additional Options

Purchase a doTERRA Shinrin-Yoku Touch Roll-on 10 mL.

doTERRA Shinrin-Yoku Touch Roll-on

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