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Sell doTERRA Products at RETAIL

You may sell doTERRA products online or at any retail location. Purchase your oils at a 25-55% discount and then sell at retail prices. You keep the difference.

  • There are NO minimums to buy and no monthly obligations. Stock your inventory with the oils and products you wish to sell.
  • Receive a free replicated website so you can start selling online immediately or create your own site.

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, you have permission to use all of doTERRA's copyrighted images, videos, text, social media posts, plus any other trademarks.

Enroll doTERRA Wholesale Members

Help others experience the benefits of the oils and help them enroll with their own wholesale membership under you. Build residual income by creating a network of independent customers.

  • A minimum order of 100 PV LRP each month is required to earn your commissions. Commissions are paid weekly and monthly.
  • Learn and follow doTERRA's proven duplication model for growing your business.


You are not limited in doTERRA. Grow your business any way you want. doTERRA encourages you to be creative, expand to new markets, build internationally, create a successful online store or share locally with friends, family and community. Limitless possibilities!

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Why Start a doTERRA Business? 

Each year millions of people try essential oils and aromatherapy for the first time. For the past decade essential oils have seen a huge shift from being an outside-mainstream product to something that almost every major retailer now carries and millions of households enjoy. doTERRA has been an significant part of this movement.

Why are people using essential oils?

  • People want natural solutions
  • People want to empower themselves to self-care at home
  • People want to save money and time, while also using something safe and effective with no side effects or dependency

The essential oil markets has skyrocket the past decade and is now entering the mass market adoption phase. doTERRA's market is expected to double or triple over the next 4 to 6 years.

Essential Oil Market

doTERRA Compensation Plan

doTERRA offers a very generous compensation plan with many ways to earn. From day one you can start selling and enrolling others from anywhere in the world. *Average annual earnings from doTERRA's top six leadership ranks.

doTERRA Average Earnings


Why work with us?

Hi! We are Paul & Delmar Ahlstrom from Orlando, Florida. We've been building doTERRA as a business for over 12 years and are profoundly grateful for what the doTERRA has done for our family and many others on our team.

Our mission is to pay it forward!

We LOVE helping others start their doTERRA business and fulfill their own goals and dreams. We are looking to connect with amazing people that are ready to jump in and create.

Mentorship & Training

You'll work directly with us! We'll teach you how to build doTERRA through five business classes, where you'll learn doTERRA's proven duplication model and how to put it into practice.

You can also follow this free, self guided doTERRA Business Building Certification

We'll help you strategize and build our your plan to launch your business and reach you goals. Plus, you'll always have our continued support along the way.

How to get started?

It's easy, just fill out the form below and we'll contact you right away to help you get started building your business too.


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