Manual Steps to Reactivate your doTERRA Wholesale Account

To reactivate your doTERRA account, just send the following message below to doTERRA Member Services.



SUBJECT: Account Reactivation

MESSAGE:  I am requesting that my doTERRA account be reactivated and updated to sponsor and enroller 13227. Thank you, [Your Name]


*Send the reactivation request from the same email address that is currently on your doTERRA account. Please wait up to 24 hours to receive a reactivation confirmation, then you can login and shop again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to include my doTERRA ID in the reactivation email?

No. As long as you send the email from the same email address that's currently on your doTERRA account, that's all doTERRA requires.

What if i don't have access any more to the email address on my doTERRA account?

You may re-enroll here with a new email address. You may use a new telephone number too.

How much does it cost to reactivate?

There is no cost to reactivate. However, if it's been over a year since you last ordered, you may see a renewal fee added to your next order. All renewals come with a free 15 ml peppermint oil.

Can Wellness Advocates reactivate their account?

Yes, all doTERRA Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates may reactivate their account using the email template above.

How do I prevent my account from going inactive?

In general, purchasing at least once a year keeps your account active. Once reactivated, be sure to place an order within 48 hours to ensure your account does not return to inactive status.

Should I reactive my account or re-enroll?

If you had a doTERRA account previously, you should attempt to reactivate first. However, you may re-enroll here if you wish, but you many need to use a different email and phone number than used originally.